About Us - My Master's Strokes
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Short Story About Us

Preparing the artist in you

‘Success loves preparation’ and knowledge is power. But with an ocean of information available out there, how do you decide on what needs to be imbibed into your learning routine?

At My Master’s Strokes, we equip you with critical information for those challenges that would otherwise go untouched and unnoticed until you enter the industry. Here we forage and have integrated into the curriculum of Architecture, Fashion, Art and Jewellery designing to encourage students into developing their unique style while strictly adhering to manufacturing techniques and production feasibility which is imperative in the real world. This also helps the student to build on their ever gaining knowledge and literally gives them a window into the world of realistic production.

Our focus is resource development They include both process (formative activities) and product (culminating activity), model-differentiated instruction and inclusive education. Our regular classroom sessions, crash courses, short-term workshops and demo classes give the student real-time insight into what it takes to achieve that admission into those most sought-after and prestigious colleges internationally and in India. All assignments build on the students’ industry knowledge and are further enhanced by our hands-on projects, group discussions, outdoor & indoor sessions.

We ensure students are trained to build on their unique style of thinking and confidently attempt any entrance exam or enable them to foray into their very own startup. What’s more, our award winning founder does not believe in delegation. She personally guides students and thrives on the joy of imparting her over-a-decade experience and knowledge to strengthen the students’ understanding, ensuring it is built on a sure foundation. Her coaching imparts that unforgettable hands-on experience that gives aspirations the wings to soar like an eagle high above the rest.

Meet Our Founder


Her one article of faith is you need to assume that everything you know is wrong. It must be critically assessed at all times and abandoned if necessary, is her motto to bring out the true artist in you.

As an admirer of designing, Rachel has always been intrigued by precious jewellery. As a mother of two, she was drawn into the Fashion and Design world due to her fascination with textures, forms and the intriguing history behind each design. This compelled her to take up her passion, and achieve excellence in everything she forayed. Eventually she realised through several conversations with aspiring students that many did not have the guidance and mentoring needed to pursue their dreams in Fashion and Design. She decided that her knowledge of the Industry could immensely help our younger generation. She decided to share her unique experience of Fashion and Design with other budding minds willing to foray into this dynamic industry. Thus began Rachel’s quest to impart her knowledge and understanding. That’s how her school My Masters Stroke was born in 2015. Her specialty has been custom designing for clients catering to their fancies with terrific and bench-setting results, but now she goes beyond serving a client – she serves the next generation!

Among other achievements of her being in the industry for 22 years, her humble beginning commenced at the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) in Delhi where she took up Accessory Design. She further completed her Pre-Diploma and Graduate Diploma in Jewellery Making & Designing at the Jewellery Product Development Centre in Delhi (affiliated to the Government of Germany) under the vigilant guidance of Mr. Schrodder who also hails from Germany. As her knowledge grew, so did her thirst for specialisation in the field of diamonds. Hence, she further pursued specialisation in Diamond Grading  from the Indian Institute of Gemology. But she did not stop there. She took up the Decta Jewellery Design, Enamelling, Stone Setting Workshop conducted by the internationally renowned setter Mr. Ronald Vogt. Her perseverance paid off when her design was displayed in the Designers Gallery hosted at the International Jewellery Fair. Here are some mentions of her stepping stones into the knowledge imparting field and some of her other career achievements.

She single-handedly headed the Jewellery Design team for BHOLA SONS – Delhi. She was hired specifically as a ‘Designer’ in the exquisite Diamond Section for LAZURDE, a Multinational Company based in Saudi Arabia. She custom-designed & manufactured jewellery for various clients from her Design Studio in Delhi, Cochin & Bangalore. She freelanced projects  for Su-raj – India forever brand, Sital Das & Sons, Pearl Diamonds, Ramneek Lal and Sons, PP Jewellers, Hazoori Lal and Sons. At The JD Institute of Fashion Technology, she solely structured the Jewellery design course which was implemented and rolled out by virtue of her standing as the Head of the Department. She now endeavours to empower her students with the right knowledge while constantly encouraging them to pursue their dreams. Her motto is to never give up & to be dedicated, streamline their thoughts, to fuel their desire in the pursuit of excellence as she guides them into overcoming any obstacle that may hamper their dreams of achieving success in this volatile world of Fashion and Design.