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Why is design a good career option?

A career is defined as an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress. Ask a person in any profession as to how their work goes and you hear words like busy, stressful and hectic. While most struggle to make time for family, hobbies and other interests, some of the lucky ones chant, I will do it on the weekend! This is true for most of the professions or dare I say, all of them.


So what separates the ones who answer with, ‘I love what I’m doing’ and ‘I’m following my dream job’. It boils down to three or four simple perceptions. Keeping goals in mind, loving what you do, doing what you love and above all believing in what you do.


While most of the professions have the above criteria, things always seem to get monotonous and the choices we make may not always have the desired outcome over a period of time. However some careers take a step further and add the excitement of dynamic change, creativity, artistic influence and uniqueness to their list.


With a myriad of career options out there, it gets even more difficult and sometimes downright confusing. This now brings me to the topic of design as a career option. Think about it, while it sounds fancy and sometimes feels like sailing through murky waters, it’s actually something that’s very basic and simple. You only need to apply your mind.


The foundation of designs are a set of guidelines and not a set rules, except in very few cases. So that gives yours truly a free hand to create and literally carve out your very own design. Now doesn’t that seem interesting? Let’s face it, the sheer creative output of learning to design just keeps your mind active. Its diversity of application in anything that needs designing like jewellery, fashion, murals and art is what keeps you coming back for more. Also with the right guidance, the sky is the limit.


While jewellery has its own charm, there is a different kind of pride and satisfaction in knowing that a design etched by you is being proudly flaunted by people buying jewellery. It’s a rush in itself.


Creating unique art and fashion brings about a deep sense of satisfaction. The dynamic creativity and artistic influence put into the fabrication and design of a finished product is a feeling by itself that cannot be described in words. It’s a creative world that rotates on its very own axis.


Hence it’s very important for a person to make the right career choice at an early stage. And while you have been only given the tip of the iceberg about designing, you need to know that these skills are acquired and over time, you only get better and better. Ensuring that you get the right type of guidance as per the industry standards from courses offered is imperative. So ensure you do your research, look for testimonials and public feedback.


Lifestyle changes tend to have an adverse effect on people’s health over time. So lifestyle disorders can predominantly be avoided by choosing the right career driven by your passion in one’s chosen field. As one’s professional life determines the quality of life today, you would do well to choose wisely and acquire a skill that brings out your artistic influence and creativeness while keeping you engaged.


Showing grit and determination in accepting the challenges of the chosen field and making a living off it is half the battle while the other is getting the right type of guidance in the foundation stages as per the industry standards and guidelines.


Remember, it is completely up to you whether you want your life to make a difference and what difference you want your life to make. Everyone’s path to success is different. What will yours be?

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